Personnal experience

Since 2006 Developer and System Administrator
Using Open Source software and command line tools on a daily basis, I have managed to make my workstation as scalable and adaptive as possible.
I install Linux on any device that cross my path, which includes but is not limited to : PC, Mac, Router (OpenWrt), Raspberry Pi, iPod, Smartphone, USB keys and MicroSD cards.
I just enjoy building new systems from scratch, designing and securing them is icing on the cake.
I also install, fix and restore various systems for start-ups, colleagues, friends and family.

You can access my documentation on github

Professional Experience

Since 2017 to present Webmaster & eCommerce Operations Specialist via Amaris
  • eCommerce Operations Webmaster for 12 markets (Europe and Asia Pacific)
    Nespresso, Lausanne, Switzerland
2016 Co-Founder & CTO

MOSI is an innovative digital handling interface that helps you keep track of your goods and rentals, makes your transaction easier and safer, optimizes your pricing and market strategy.

2012 to 2017 Webmaster via LWM
  • Maintaining Louis Vuitton Collections for Europe (France, UK, Germany, Italy, Spain and Russia)
  • Supporting new responsive design interface (July 2014, replacing flash version in use since 2011)
  • Introducing Russian version: (February 2013)
  • Introducing Tablet and Mobile version for Europe: (November 2012)
    Louis Vuitton, Bruxelles, Belgium
2010-2011 Marketing & IT Manager
  • Network administrator (Ubuntu and Windows servers)
  • Websites administrator (Joomla, Dotclear, ELGG, SugarCRM)
  • SEO campaign management as well as events and paper media
  • Research, surveys, market studies
    IPvision, Casablanca, Morocco
2010 Developer, Webmaster and WebDesigner
  • Webdesigner, Developer and SEM on French and English websites (Joomla)
  • Design and commercial documents translation
    Hymatom, Vendargues (34), France
2009 Webmaster, WebDesigner
  • Webdesigner, webmaster and SEM (ZopeCPS)
  • Administrator, contributor
  • Teaching to contributors, creating manual and tutorials
    Academy of Montpellier (34), France
2007-2008 Developer, Webdesigner
  • Building websites from scratch
  • Designing logos and user interfaces
  • Creating content
    New York City, USA

Programming skills

HTML, CSS, Markdown, YAML, JavaScript, JQuery, Ruby, PHP, Perl, Python, BashScript

Operating systems

  • Linux based: ArchLinux, Fedora, Slitaz, Ubuntu, Debian
  • Unix based: Mac OS X, OpenBSD, FrogBSD
  • Windows (XP, 7, Server)

Applicative Skills (non exhaustive list)

  • CMS & CRM: Grav, RespondCMS, Backdrop, Drupal, Wordpress, Plone, ORACLE, Joomla, AEM(Adobe), SugarCRM, Typo3, ZopeCPS
  • Illustration: Adobe CS (Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign), Inkscape, Gimp
  • Animation & 3D: GIF andPNG animations (gifsicle, ImageMagick), Blender, Cinema4D, Flash
  • Networking: Wireshark, Ettercap, Etherape, NetTool, NetCat, ssh
  • Pentesting: BlackArch suite, Kali, beef, w3af, metasploit, aircrack-ng


French: native | English: bilingual | Spanish: fluent | Dutch: beginner


  • 2007 Master GECI (Internet and IT Systems), Université Lumière
  • 2005 DUCCI (Design and Computer graphics)
  • 2004 Emile Cohl, Art school
  • 2001 Baccalauréat of sciences
    Lyon, France


I am passionate about technologies.
I love music (Animating a Hip-hop radio show 2004 / 2008 - interviews on Soundcloud).
I love cinema, especially Japanese and Scandinavian. I have also edited, assisted on set and made extra appearance in short films projects during my trips (Los Angeles, New York, Casablanca)
I practice sports such as snowboard, skateboard, bike, tennis, basketball.